Thursday, December 20, 2018

Santa UBER

Santa is leaving his house pretty soon
Packing a sled powered by reindeer
Flying across the skies
Dropping presents under every christmas tree while the kiddies are a sleep with closed eyes

He has requested some help
An alternative form of transportation we hear
Just in case the reindeer
Are getting too old or just want to drink some beer

And low and behold, to save Christmas eve night, he will order a UBER
Yes Santa has an account, he’s checked it out twice, seen what drivers are naughty or  nice
Jolly Saint Nick has requested a Ride, a UBER through out the night
Planning to deliver presents, in snow or the ice

Every car has to be ready, all just RIGHT
Plenty of gas, and air in the tires
Santa tips big but his load is not light
Christmas songs on the car stereo sung by a choir
An empty trunk ready for the Christmas present supplier

All Apps should be on
Ready to pounce
On Mr. Claus’s requests
When he is ready to announce
No driver around,  should expect any rest

But maybe the reindeer
Will carry the night
No roads for Uber to cover
Just another time on, waiting for some customer bites
No late work, from which to recover

Uber may save Christmas, Santa may need some help
Tips might flow like the Big Old Mississippi River
But wake up from this rhyme, of some giant giver
Uber always has some eats and people to deliver

So Merry Christmas to all, Happy Holidays but don’t fall
Plenty of shoppers at the mall
A New Year will come soon
Maybe next year I will drive UBER more in the afternoon

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