Sunday, April 5, 2020

April 6 poem, the virus

The world is slowing down to standing still.
A virus out of China has grown from a few to over 1.25 million
Just under 70,000 as of now has it been blamed to kill.

As the acceleration began and spread
Our country has been hit hard in our head
Too many today can not even earn the bread

Every day now over 1000 people drop dead
Some say we were mislead
Not trusting any of our figureheads
Ordered to stay at home, it might be best to just rest and lay in bed

The earth itself has quit moving
Wildlife are back in the cities and clear water ways
Like a science fiction movie and cities with empty highways

Pollution has left where factories and city autos are closed
Spring weather is here, perhaps will lesson the smear
Being outside in nice weather is the only thing going around here

The strong will survive
Too many others have and will die
Did Nostradamus warn us this would arrive?
The Chinese year of the Rat was  centuries old foretelling us to ‘say goodbye’? 

Everyone justifies themselves
Birds of a feather flock together
Opposites attract
The world moves in cycles
We cry when we are the ones losing
Right now most everyone is, losing
Many now turn to the bible
We are all now from a virus under attack
Medicine people are going 24/7 to make us all better
Presently we are all under cover as the virus overwhelms

The world is not perfect, not to everyone or thing all of the time
Too much of this, too little of that
Then the tide turns everything back

This virus could be a result of things wrong
Wrong for some for a very long time
A reminder that nature moves and not in one direction forever
‘What goes around comes around’ 

The ice age? Global warming? The earth being pulled closer and closer into the sun? 
Most of us will survive this war, and the first round may not be the last.
Casualties are in the news every day 
Building up my immune system has been on my daily routine since last fall when nice weather went away

I pray for myself, that I will survive this week, and month and see a cure to end this trama sooner than later
Google searches of the news and covid 19 are my morning, nightly and during the day labour 

Facebook video calls have now become common
From old family and friends I never see very often

Some are afraid of the economy 
It is being destroyed
Money in my bank account I admit has always been my main ‘reason why’
But now that takes a back seat to just staying alive

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