Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The day has just started
A new chance to begin
Or is this a dreaded thought
That you can never win
      The beauty that you see
      The greatness that you find
      The blemish you point out
      Looking for anything unkind 
            The glass is half full
            Or is it almost empty
            The market has the bulls
            The bears seek negativity
                  Is it the good that you see
                  When you look at the trees
                  Is it the beauty in fall leafs
                  The colors of sugars emptied
                        Are the branches bare and dead
                        Or just waiting for a new spring
                        Is winter cold and dreary
                        Are snow flakes flying on wings
                              Is the sun just rising
                              Is the sun just setting
                              Is the end of the day here
                              A new day over there
Winter is now coming
Fire places will be lit
Families will together
Enjoy the heat as they sit
      Is the summer south of the north
      Something every one should see
      Women at the beaches
      Christmas in Sydney
            Is my life half over
            At 2 years shy of half a century
            May god give me strength
            To live and go the length
                  Which makes my life half full
                  Over 5 decades left to pull
                        If everything is a joke
                        If you laugh instead of cry
                        The truth will prove the lies
                        Why should I even try
If you are objective
Keep an open mind
Show no negativity
Trying to be kind
      Is that realistic
      The best way to go
      Is always positive and agreeable
      Just a dumb show
            Every point of view has a grain of salt
            Who is telling who what, can always tell a lot
             If no one ever lied or smudged the truth
             No fraud would exist
             Perceptions, interpretations, would be less of a list
                   If you try to be non partial
                   Tell it like it is
                   You see it that way
                   God may be what they say
                        Is anyone a god
                        Can anyone do that play
To play the game it is thought
You compete or lose a lot
      If it turns unfair
      No rules that anyone cares
      What does anyone play for
      Death or a new spot
            Does wisdom come with age
            What you see is what you get
            When you turn the page
            The more your mind gets lit
                  To say nothing at all
                  Is best sometimes they say
                  If what you say is heard bad
                  Makes them go away
                        Leading down the path you do
                        Of glory or destruction
                        What’s the motivation
                        More of an addition
                        Or just bad construction
When the skies drop rain
Snow, hail, and cause us pain
Is this cleansing the air
Bringing water for life
Or just falling planes-trains and cars
No heat for your wife
       Pros and cons exist
       Argued among the best
       Time always brings on
       What will be next
by george a crawford 3 november 2009

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