Wednesday, November 4, 2015

She works
She plays
She only knows
Her secret ways

I know tonight
What will be right
Only what is not quite
Determined yet is
If we will ignite

Up in the sky
Between the stars
She will not deny
Where we should fly

If there were cars
To take us to mars
If in the sky
We could dance in a bar
Moving to the sounds of the guitar

The cat in the hat
If we fell, landed flat
If we made a big splat
Earth would not budge
Would there be any grudge

A black rat, a black cat
The hat from the cat turned to that
A mat for the sand rat

Stars, Mars, we were superstars
After all the travels
Returned with no scars
The night was ours

We played
We worked
We both know
The craze and our blaze
Other days

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