Wednesday, November 4, 2015


not for your yanks
or the pranks
the good things top the ranks

the Army's tanks have helped save our planks
they do not fire blanks
and it is all about money in our banks?

 With 'thanks, my countrymen, my loving friends
you are many who should be recognized
many have escaped our praise
gratitude is always appreciated
for thanksgiving we should count our blessings
laugh and enjoy, aid, smile, in our land of plenty

a penny is a penny
it now takes way too many
I can not even get half a tank full with a twenty

to walk, talk and avoid heart block
I admit I have been shell shocked
too many different starting blocks
the pilgrims at Plymouth rock
now we go by an atomic clock

my own life is based largely on common stock
the doors need to be unlocked

thanks to you
those I knew
some may have passed through
maybe I never outgrew
what it is I pursue
some things became taboo
beef stew, gym shoes, kung fu, home brew
big blue, what I blew, some never came to

for a day maybe all the bad vanishing

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