Wednesday, November 4, 2015

there was a girl named rhonda
she drove a little honda

she saw something bigger
called the anaconda

asked once
asked twice
third time she enticed

george the tool to let loose
the mighty anaconda
she called him zues
she tried to seduce

there was no excuse
the tool had to produce

she assured she would not misuse
that she could never accuse

to bend over her caboose
the juice of the golden goose
like a wish for the never ending noose
once with the anaconda rhonda would forever profuse
to seek solitude with anaconda live then a life of recluse

george the tool let her have it
that started the end
rhonda would never forget
the new friend when she would bend

over, over and over
not a four leafed clover
red rover red rover
rhonda yelled 'anaconda' come over

and so the story goes
once rhonda got hosed
she was anaconda driven
she never opposed
she to the tool proposed
she promised to never impose
the story never will close

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