Wednesday, November 4, 2015

money in the BANK

Cleared and Settled


money in the BANK

Cleared and Settled

WHAT,mo fo WHAT?

if they ain't no cash flowin

flowin in the right direction

by direction I mean my WAY

what you call a cash injection

like my affection for a great erection

both I'm always in collection

HELL NO Objections

Cleared and Settled

In the BANK if you understand my English

would I had never trod this english earth

money cleared and settled

filled to the girth

increases my net worth

some more money gives me a rebirth

Money in the Bank

Cleared and Settled


if not makes me sick to my gut

its just smut

precedent ed to be a slut

they love to watch her strut?

clean or uncut?

mmm nice butt

a nut? like old KING TUT?

Money Cleared and Settled

Sitting in the bank

yea, just another 'Think TANK'

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