Wednesday, November 4, 2015

I'm going to write a country song to sing to you
It's friday night, the hurricane's all the way up to kansas city and has me alone at home feeling blue
last night at kcpl, the free country bands, really drew quite a few

had a beer, some girls in tight jeans showed some rear
a presidential election, what a great year
I write great songs for a guy with a BS as a Mechanical Engineer

letterman's on my tube
I could never get that rubik cube
more than beer, I like some nice boobs
huh? yea

if that solo cup song made some money
if hugh hefner has the play boy bunnies
the hurricane rains have me home alone with out a honey

so this is a country song
it will not be much more long
shouldn't guys be arrested for wearing a thong?
huh? hell yea

if more song is what you want
repeat these lines, are there cowboys in vermont?

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