Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Tazing Me Softly with your gun
You seemed so kind and fun
Until the shock from the son
Of a bitch - I could not run
Who the hell thought of that damn gun

Why would a purely electric moment
Turn into such terrific pain
Shit I just laid there in the rain
Nothing to lose or to gain

I brush my teeth, I comb my hair
Smoke still comes out every where
The taze is not so soft
Still every time when I cough
I think of the time when
The ass hole shocked me and I went to the pen

Even after all these years
After all the lost tears
We will drink another beer
And forget all our fears

The taze is not so fun
The shock from the son
Of a bitch with that damn gun
always leaves me undone

What did I ever do
That would cause you to
Do that electric shock
God damn I owned the STOCK
Put me away- lock the dooo
Precedents established one time this
One time that-so I say screw it and just piss

Brush fires come- brush fires go
No respect any mo
Another day brings another low
Whats all this fo?

Just piss on the fire
You know I was never a liar
I said what I did
You twist it around and I blow off my lid

How much do I weigh?
He asked me one day
Before the cops took me away at night
I never even put up a fight

An early christmas present from me
Earlier that day to my family

Montana teds grill
Buffalo from the hill
Delivered via email and print
From mom and dads house where I went

So in return for my thinking ahead
My internet resume has me in a jail house bed

Should of- would of- could of
If I weigh less than 170lbs by 1 lb or more
If I laugh when I’m mad does that make me a whore?

Some day the time will come
Do people really think that I am dumb?

Only the guilty have something to hide
You know I have never lied

Some day there will be love
Thinking of a nice white dove
And what we have become
No I am not a bum
Just a genius you call ‘head’
Guess I will rest my head in my jail house bed
By George A. Crawford in Jail in Gardner Kansas Sept24-Dec21 2009 for what?

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