Wednesday, November 4, 2015

I Think- George Crawford 
the respect you give is equal to the respect you receive
if you want others to believe
to be held in honor
everything you achieve
can be taken by a thieve

to be held in high esteem
how you treat others will reflect
the high regard you yourself collect

every thing people do will affect
their recognition and whether it is believed to be correct

give credit when credit is due
do not fail to mention with sincerity
when others hear something from you
say it with clarity
don't be afraid to show others charity
those words may bring back prosperity

tell the truth, only the guilty have something to hide
people know when people have lied
life is a long ride
always take pride
that you know inside you tried

it will then be known
what to expect
when the question of accuracy
assume your correct

begin as a youth
establish the truth
any thing else is uncouth
will bring out the sleuth

I've been hit many times
have to take it in stride
things I have done I have not denied
yet I try to abide
and to never have lied

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