Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Snow has fallen
More snow than maybe ever
To be out in it you must be clever
Extremely careful in all you Endeavour
Somewhere down below all this snow
The frozen melt is very slow
When the water does flow
Spring flowers really will grow
I always know
On TV will be hoops, throwing up some free throws
Basketball- I will never outgrow
Valentines is around the corner
I am part warrior, lawyer, doctor, maybe even a little tom sawyer
Some day I will marry some ones daughter
Some said I was an actor worthy of an Oscar
As an author, born to my father
One thing I always believe in is the dollar
It is the dead of winter
Here in Kansas , go figure
The super bowl, the madness of march
These are a fixture
She will let me? On Valentines kiss her?
Like down east on I-70 in St Louis they have the Arch
Who knows what people think?
A lot of them just stink
As they are missing a link
They drive me to the brink
If she winks, maybe I’ll get her a Rose, Pink

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