Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Pi day 

Pi, I ask you why 
When I was young you knew me as shy 
As you stood before my eye 
The beauty you would supply 

A skirt might show your thigh 
Some thing always made me try to apply 
Now more than ever I need your reply 
You know I demand what you imply 

Some where up there high in the sky 
Perhaps in the riches of dubai 
You will never say good bye 
I will never ever as you know deny 

They have called me tough guy 
Called me sly 
I try, I cry, I try to never lie 
Somehow long ago everything in my life went awry 

Has the well run dry? 
Am I here on earth just to spy? 
Though soon it will be Pi day and I sit here and just sigh 
Are there any numbers any more? Any equations left that on I can rely? 

3.14 and yes I want a lot more 
22/7 is 3 weeks and a day into july 
March 14, Pi day - I will wear a tie 
Pi? Oh Pi? Am I your guy? 

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