Wednesday, November 4, 2015

green green green- george a crawford 3
the things we have never seen
if you search between
look near and far
dreamed at the silver screen
the new machine

is not so bizarre
the sky is full of stars
Hollywood has many sports cars
grandma pickled her garden in the same old jars

the old queen dined on the same cuisine
some of the best food to eat is the simple bean
keep you lean and to be clean is green

to never waste
every one must get braced
the times are changing that we have faced
some things can never be replaced

the new is the old
from what we now mold
and to simply behold
gold is still gold
what will next unfold

common sense is sometimes the best defense
when times are intense
why wait in suspense

simple ideas
a green way of living
and hence

a cleaner environment and more green in the bank
for that we will all thank
the clean water we drank
keep the clean tank
this is no prank

our world is here
lets keep it clear
as we are near
a new frontier

a change in the way things are done
some of the old will come back as new

things might become severe
earth is the same old sphere
every change has just begun
we still orbit the sun
who knows each time who has won

dirt is dirt
hurt always hurts
things always revert
time does convert
earth back to just dirt

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