Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Dark chocolate candy 

Anti oxidants come in handy 

Dark chocolate candy 

No extra sugar, where is Andy? 

Griffith and aunt Bee 

Reruns on tv for free 

Green tea and honey from the bees 

Are good we can agree 

Apples from a tree 

Strong knees to fly on skis 

Emcee can not guarantee 

The beach at wakiki 

Wild plums from a tree in Tennessee 

Red wine 

A shrine where we dine 

Good things we need to combine 

Dark chocolate candy 

From beans in the sun 

Is what has begun 

Makes life more fun 

Dark chocolate candy 

A little every day 

Will keep the bad in our body at bay 

Too much betrays 

Increases what we weigh 

Trees grow free 

Fruit by the sea 

A new kind of degree 

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